What is The Founders' Council?

The Founders' Council is a relatively new and exclusive council of the alliance's most trusted members. The Role the Founders' Council is to safeguard the alliance and its values as overlookers and it has the power to veto a vote by the Executive Team if they feel has an unjust outcome which will negatively impact or contravenes the alliance's core values.

Only members of The Founders' Council, may vote in new Honorary Founders to the council. All Founders have equal voting powers, therefore, in the event of a tie, amendments shall be proposed until a majority vote for or against is agreed.

Membership to the council may be revoked if, for example, rule infringements occur, this is, of course, decided upon a vote from other Founders.

Meet The Founders

The alliance's Founders have been here from the beginning of the alliance in its current form; they chair the Founders Council meetings.


Honorary Founders

While not being here from the start, members who've proved significant assets to the alliance during their time with us are awarded the title of Honorary Founder which granted a place on the Founders' Council.

To be recognised for this honour, members must have either had a great contribution through their work on the Executive Command or be recognised for their long-serving membership & contribution as a non-executive team member.

Honorary Founder