Alliance Rules

1. General
  1.1 Management reserves the right to change the rules at any time. The changes will always be announced on the Alliance news page.

2. Interaction
  2.1 We do not tolerate any statement or link, which includes
  - racist remarks
  - obscenities
  - insults
  - content glorifying violence
  - discriminatory content
  - political statements and advertising
  - Spam messages

 3. Missions
  3.1 Everyone can share missions anywhere in the country. 
    a) When sharing missions, they must announce in the chat they need help.
  3.2 The Marketing Team will try to start a free LSM at least once a day.
  3.3 Storm mission's events will be created once a week in a random area of the country
  3.4 For LSMs and Events, the administration will create a Staging area in the operation area with 1-day prior notice
  3.5 Members are free to purchase an 'event' or 'large-scale call' using their own coins, these may be started wherever the member decides.

4. Treasury
  4.1 The Alliance funds are active and the contribution is mandatory, this is attributed through the rank level
► Rookie | PCSO - 0%
► Firefighter | Police Constable - 1%
► Senior Firefighter | Sergeant - 2%
► Fire Apparatus Operator | Inspector - 3%
► Lieutenant | Chief Inspector - 5%
► Captain | Superintendent - 7%
► Staff Captain | Chief Superintendent - 8%
► Battalion Chief | Commander - 9%
► Division Chief to Fire Chief | Assistant Chief Constable to Chief Constable - 10%

5. Building Rules
  5.1 All buildings must be in the correct locations
  5.2 All buildings must be named correctly
  5.3 Hospitals should be set up with the correct departments as their real-life counterparts. (A list of which departments each hospital has in the forum)
  5.4 We do not require realistic unit allocation to your buildings.

6. Activity
  6.1 Any member inactive for 60 days or more without prior notification to a member of the Executive Team may be removed.

7. Training
  7.1 A Member can only put 5 Personnel in per timetabled courses.
  7.2 Members should always fill up current courses first before starting to put staff on any unused course.
  7.3 If the spare spaces are not filled within 6 hours before the course is due to run then the member may fill up the spare spaces.

Discord server-specific rules

1. Interaction
1a. You MUST follow our guidelines on user interaction (Alliance rules, section 2)
1b. No Spamming!
1c. Don't overuse CAPITAL LETTERS
1d. Don't share links to suspicious sites/don't open links to suspected suspicious sites

1d.(i) Alliance admin will not be held responsible for the contents of any links posted by users

1e. Be nice and polite
1f. No Toxicity


2. Nickname

Please set your nickname to the username used in-game.
  If you do not know how to do this, go to the and type "/nick username" then send.


3. Use of Server

3a. The discord server can be used for both general chat and game-specific chat. If you have an urgent question please ask them in the #frequently-asked-question channel and someone will try and reply as soon as possible.
3b. Admin reserves the right to kick or ban anyone member from the server if the rules (especially those on interaction) are broken.

3b.(i) Admin may seem fit to ban you from the alliance all together the action of the offending member is deemed serious enough.


 Failure to adhere to the guidelines will result in disciplinary action

Before any action can be taken against a member, an investigation must be completed. The person who conducts this investigation depends upon the infringement, but it will usually be a Director (Tier 4 management) or higher. Once the investigation is complete the investigating officer will report the findings to the Executive team and action will be voted on accordingly.

Only the CEO or COO may kick/ban a member. The HR team investigate the matter and then report back to the CEO and COO with the findings. The CEO or COO can then make an independent decision from the investigation findings. In the absence of the CEO and COO, the decision will go to a vote however the person investigating can not vote (to keep it independent). Unless the matter could cause severe distress or harm by investigating it.

Only the Executive Team can vote on the matter.

Disciplinary action includes but is not limited to:

  • Polite Message

  • Formal Warning

  • Final Warning (multiple infringements)

  • Demotion in rank (for ranked members)

  • Dismissal from Alliance Discord (infringement on server-specific guidelines)

  • Dismissal from Alliance (serious or multiple breaches of rules)