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Senior Management Team 

Chief Executive Officer: Craig14132

The CEO overall see the day to day running of the Alliance.

Chief Operating Officer: SERSOFTPAWS

The COO is the second-in-command at the alliance. The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the alliance and routinely reports to the CEO.​

Administrative Team

Headed by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO): BillTong

and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer (Dep. CAO): VACANT

Only members of the Administrative Team can accept or decline new applications. Upon accepting the new member the person will message the new member with the Welcome message If the application is declined the Administrative Officer will message person, CEO, COO to say why. Only the COO or CEO may kick/ban a member, The Administrative Team is to investigate the matter and then report back to the CEO and COO with the findings. The COO or CEO will start a poll for the Executive Team to vote on, however, the person investigating can not vote (to keep it independent). Unless the matter could cause severe distress or harm by investigating it. Only the Executive Team can vote on the matter. Administrative Team Members will have Co-Admin access but are not to vote on any matter for the Chiefs/Director's Only the Administrative Team may put on training for members, if training is needed please message a team member. if someone wants a course but doesn’t hear back within 24hours then they can ask the COO or CEO to put one on.

Finance Team

Headed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Lclarke34

and Deputy Chief Financial Officer (Dep. CFO): Benjamin211

Only the Finance Team can build and upgrade alliance buildings, if a new building or upgrade is needed please message a team member. if someone wants a building or upgrade but doesn’t hear back within 24 hours then they can ask the COO or CEO.

Research Team

Headed by the Chief Research Officer (CRO): VACANT

and Deputy Chief ResearchOfficer (Dep. CRO): VACANT

The Research Team are to Research for station address and callsigns and post them on the forum for the members to look up. This may include but is not limited to, searching Freedom of Information requests or submitting FOI Requests to relevant agencies.

Events Team

Headed by the Events Co-ordinator (ECO): KillerKickler

and Deputy Events Co-ordinator (Dep. ECO): Nic.

The Events Team are responsible for the alliance's daily Large Scale Mission, and weekly Alliance Storm / Section 60 Event. It is their job to decide what the LSM/Event will be and where it will take place. They will also publish the list of LSM/Event locations for the coming month in the forum.

In the event that the Events Team is ubable to set the LMS/Event, the COO or CEO will do so instead.